Get to know me.

I'm a designer transplanted from Lancaster, PA, now living in Downtown Brooklyn. I completed my undergrad at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, where I spent 4 years trying to figure out what it meant to be a designer.

After graduating from undergrad in 2014, I moved straight to Brooklyn and soon started pursuing a master's degree at the School of Visual Arts in their one-of-a-kind program, MFA Design: The Designer as Author + Entrepreneur. During my two years at SVA, I learned a completely new way of thinking and seeing and doing as a designer, but I also learned how to take a passion and an idea and turn it into a market-ready product. I've learned how to be a researcher, a #boss, a business woman, a public speaker, a design strategist and an entrepreneur, in addition to being a designer.

Outside of being a designer, my hobbies include collecting succulents, gardening on my patio, meeting people's dogs, the witchy sounds of Fleetwood Mac and other 70s music, cheese (preferably with some red wine), driving through the PA countryside in the summer, and eating all the carbs. 




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