Venture 16

Typography / Design / GIFs / Branding

Typography / Design / GIFs / Branding

As part of the Design Team for the SVA MFA Design Class of 2016, I worked alongside several peers to create the identity for our Thesis Forum, where each of us presented our design-driven ventures to the public. I worked with Livia Ito and Sarah Wilson to create an identity and concept which highlighted that each one of our ventures started as a small idea, but with time, work and research, unfolded into an idea that was large, impactful and powerful.

Our Thesis Forum was called Venture16, and we were "Unfolding Entrepreneurship" to the public. My role in this group was to not only help to develop the identity, but create the posters and signage that would hang in the SVA Theatre the day of the Thesis Forum.

Artboard 1.png